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Darren's Fairway to Hair Heaven

30 September 2014

Though held only every two years, the Ryder Cup would appear to be every golf fan’s favourite tournament. I know nothing about it or about golf in general; the little I do know I hear from clients, and even then I'm not sure I understand what all the fuss is about. What I do understand, though, is the fuss surrounding the appearance of local hero and long-time Stafford Hair client Darren Clarke on Sky Sports. The overall consensus seems to be that the big Dungannon man was a huge hit as a commentator, and not just because of his laid-back, down-to-earth approach, but because he attracted not only his usual devoted fans but also an increasing number of women who actually weren’t that interested in the golf but were simply trying to catch a glimpse of Northern Ireland’s latest, dare I say it, sex symbol! Fair enough, the big man has always been a ruggedly handsome bugger, but now he’s in athletic standard shape, he’s turning a whole new set of heads.

And it doesn’t end there, folks, because, get this, large numbers of men, young and old, have also been commenting – no, gushing – about DC’s new image ­– not just his dramatic weight loss and enviable new physique, but his whole look, his style, wardrobe and confidence. Comparisons have been made with George Clooney and Nick Wooster. I have been contacted personally by dozens of guys asking about his haircut and style, his products and, most importantly, that amazing colour. So, ladies, if you want your guy to look like Darren, here are my tips on how I get his hair to do what it does.

The Hair Type: Darren is blessed with strong, naturally wavy hair. It can be unruly when cut too short and will react severely to the sun and rain. The hair has been exposed to more than 30 years of windswept golf courses, so it has weathered well. But then DC knows a thing or two about quality products. More on that later.

The Cut: I’ve been cutting Darren's hair for more than five years, and we've tried many styles from the textured crop we first introduced to a mini-quiff that was popular with his Mrs (Alison) but was actually difficult to maintain. A couple of years ago I noticed Darren had lost some weight on his face and I suggested going shorter through the back and sides. The result, with the extra length on top, was that it gave his new face shape more balance; masculine but cool as well. Variations on this theme continued until we reached a point where we decided to be more radical. Starting at the back we took the hair to skin (in clipper terms a 0) then gradually built up weight to just below the crown, leaving as much length through the front as possible. It is then cut into a definite side part at the left – I’ve even on occasion clippered a parting line (particularly good on Darren as he’s always got a tan) – then finishing off by shaping his sideburns and fading out the hairline. Modern pompadour!

The Styling: As already mentioned, Darren has amazingly strong hair, so I use a few preparation products. First I shampoo it with Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo or, if it’s a little discoloured, a silver cleansing shampoo from the JOICO range. The B&b Sunday shampoo is a strong cleansing shampoo that will strip any excess product build-up, and Mr C uses a lot of product. Instead of a conditioner I use Bumble and bumble tonic spray. This contains tea tree and peppermint, and evens out the porosity. Next I use Bumble and bumble mousse for volume. Again, this is a product used as much for the hair as for the elements as it gives the hair extra guts. I then blow dry using a Denman flat brush but lifting the hair at the root while smoothing the ends. Actually, you can also achieve this using your hands, but I prefer the tool. Once the hair is dried, if it's a formal occasion I’ll use my Cloud 9 mini stylers to smooth the front section only. I then finish off with either Bumble and bumble Sumo wax (for a high gloss) or Sumotech for a matt textured finish. And that's the look!

Darren Clarke’s styling hitlist

Parlux hair dryer, Cloud 9 mini stylers, Denman flat brush, Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo, Juice shampoo for grey hair, Bumble and bumble tonic spray, Bumble and bumble thickening mousse, Bumble and bumble Sumo wax, Bumble and bumble Sumotech

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